tattoo me into the inside of your
let my words
burn against the back of your knees, let them
ripple on your white skin

when i kiss you, let me
electrocute your spine, let me seep into your
poisoned bloodstream, don’t apologize
when the orchards don’t bloom in the
springtime, don’t apologize when
i turn cold in the satin sun, don’t
apologize when we make love in the naked
October air and i don’t speak to you for
weeks after,

let my touch linger within the mural
of your fragile body, grey bones
on grey bones, they remind me of dominos
holding together up, like a

let my eyes peel the dust away from
your black organs, let my love
chew, swallow, and then finally
let my love devour

– your eyes are crying licorice  (via irynka)

(via irynka)